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Hello there! My name is Peter Young.

I am the driving force behind Virtual Encounters, and I am truly grateful for the journey that has led me to embark on this innovative venture. I would like to share a bit about myself, including some of the reasons I've chosen this path.

My Story

I have a designation as a certified career development practitioner and I have a honours bachelor degree in behavioural psychology. With a background in program development, marketing, event coordination, employment counseling, and behavioural counselling, I’ve had the privilege of helping others navigate their unique paths to success through personalized learning experiences, training plans, and professional innovation. Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to witness positive outcomes with my clients and learners, particularly in achieving gainful employment, overcoming barriers, and innovating processes. In the realm of marketing, I’ve enjoyed crafting strategies that increased brand awareness and community

Peter Young, CCDP

engagement, adding a touch of creativity to my professional endeavors. As the founder of Virtual Encounters, I’m humbled to explore the exciting intersection of technology and education, hosting virtual events that aim to transform learning experiences while creating valuable connections and opportunities. Additionally, I take pride in facilitating experiences that foster team-building and camaraderie. Engaging with communities and professional associations is something I hold dear, always striving to make a positive impact through collaboration and innovative solutions. My growth mindset fuels my commitment to continuous learning, and I love staying updated on industry trends. With gratitude for the opportunities that have shaped my path, I look forward to the continued growth of Virtual Encounters as a hub for innovative solutions and meaningful educational experiences.

- Peter Young, CCDP, BBPH


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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