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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? We've got answers. Check out the commonly asked questions about using virtual reality and mixed reality technology. Email us your questions today at

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Can I use VR headsets if I wear glasses?

Although some larger glass frames are too large for the headsets, most glasses with frames that do not extend past the wearer's face will fit just fine. For the most comfort, we recommend wearing thin framed glasses or contact lenses.

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I get motion sick. Will using VR headsets make me sick?

Hardware and software developers work hard to provide experiences that cater to everyone's abilities and limitations. Each application has information about the game experience. Ratings range from comfortable to extreme. 


Is the technology easy to use?

VR headsets are equipped with hand tracking, easy to use controllers, and step by step instructions so no matter what your skill level is, operating a VR headset can be as easy as pointing and pinching your fingers.

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