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Staff Training Services

Educational experiences made fun again.

Embrace the future of staff training with our avant-garde suite that leverages evidence-based methodologies, integrating immersive virtual reality (VR) simulations and engaging gamification strategies. Designed to create a compelling and constructive learning ecosystem, this approach aims to enhance productivity, streamline operational efficiencies, and foster a spirit of collaborative teamwork. This progressive strategy ensures a significant uplift in workforce capabilities and organizational synergy.

Need a custom training experience? Let us know!

We'll bring the content,
you bring yourselves  

Virtual Encounters will bring immersive educational experiences to your location, wherever you are. We have everything you'll need to practice and develop the skills that are important to you.  Each seminar is 4 hours long and utilizes group activities, independent study, virtual-reality technology, and 360-degree simulations to help build confidence and mastery over essential soft skills.

Our Interactive Seminars

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