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My name is Peter Young, owner of Virtual Encounters. We offer innovative virtual reality solutions to enrich learning, enhance soft skills, and foster meaningful connections. Whether you are looking for soft skill development, staff training, virtual integration services, or team-building events, we are happy to work with you.

Feel free to read my short bio, or review our services and contact us for more information. 

Peter Young, CCDP

What We Offer

At Virtual Encounters, we provide custom virtual and mixed-reality experiences wherever you are and wherever you want to be.

Event Hosting Experiences

Elevate your next event with our dynamic on-site VR hosting service, designed to deliver an extraordinary and immersive experience directly to your venue. Equipped with the latest in VR technology, we specialize in creating captivating events perfect for team-building exercises, corporate gatherings, or community engagement activities. This service promises an innovative and unforgettable event, making it the perfect choice for organizations looking to leave a lasting impression on their participants.

Staff Training Solutions

Embrace the future of staff training with our avant-garde suite that leverages evidence-based methodologies, integrating immersive virtual reality (VR) simulations and engaging gamification strategies. Designed to create a compelling and constructive learning ecosystem, this approach aims to enhance productivity, streamline operational efficiencies, and foster a spirit of collaborative teamwork. This progressive strategy ensures a significant uplift in workforce capabilities and organizational synergy.

Virtual Integration Services

Our Virtual Integration Services provide an expert consulting partnership, propelling businesses forward by enhancing marketing visibility, refining operations, and revolutionizing staff training with leading-edge virtual technology. This comprehensive service package is engineered to elevate customer engagement, optimize operational efficiency, enrich learning landscapes, and deliver actionable data insights. Emphasizing environmental responsibility, our solutions also contribute to sustainability by minimizing the necessity for physical resources.


About Us

We take your success personally

At Virtual Encounters, we empower and connect individuals and organizations through innovative virtual reality solutions. Our mission is to enhance business operations, enrich learning experiences, and foster meaningful connections. We provide custom on-site immersive staff training solutions, virtual integration services, and customized event hosting services.


We envision a future where immersive technology enhances education, business, and social interactions. Through innovation, quality, and community engagement, we strive to help shape a world where immersive technology drives personal and professional success.


Our core values are:

Innovation, Quality, Empathy, Education, Community, Integrity, and Fun

Meet Peter, the owner of Virtual Encounters.



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“A great activity for everyone regardless of age and ability”

Steve Y
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